Friday, March 13, 2009



After the lack of scorage in mex i was jonesing bad for some surf. I did score muchas cervesas, beautiful sunsets, some bodysurfing/boogie barrels and salmonella, but for the most part it was FLAT. I did head north hoping to find more size at playa bruja but there was NONE accompanied with wind. But its good to be home...

i took an extra day off to get some in and made it top priority. The calm before the storm! It was cold, it was sunny and it was fabulous.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


of some place warm.

a few years back it was costa rica. that place is great.


That was in 07....

so its about time go somewhere warm again.. even if there isnt swell and im surrounded by violence (i still highly doubt the warnings etc about Mex). My biggest concern is whether or not the swell is going to inch (literally) its way up into the little point break on the north end of Mazatlan. It's a no lose situation really. Well, not really but kinda.