Sunday, February 20, 2011

oooh aahh hooo


Coming down the hill on my scooter i got terrorized by a gnarly rain storm. It was like i was getting barreled all the way down the hill! Closed eyes, water dumping at about 35 mph pretty wicked! pulling off to catch my breath i found this beach.
a crazy boogie board beach. no surfing allowed (until 5?) but a nice body surfing session sufficed for me.

The swell forecast was about 25 ft up on the north shore so i couldnt miss watching the Kamikazes. There was a SUP contest at Sunset--reminded me of Oregon conditions.
I was worried when I saw this menehune trying to get in. Whos kid is that? Somebody stop him!

I ventured over to Pipe to assess the situation. Unfortunately i forgot my board (was in a hurry).

Waimea Bay was pumping

Waikiki - crowded..yet an exciting place to be for sure. Not a good place to drive a car around. Quite a pain in the ass actually--parking, traffic kills that one which basically limits the surf to walking breaks, but theres plenty reefs around. The early bird special yields a 2 hr board rental at 10 bucks.

Lolo getting an early start on the double fisting