Sunday, February 24, 2008


Typical Sunday Morning... wake up, drink coffee, check my stocks, check craigslist for "surfboard", drink more coffee, check the forecast, check the cams, ebay, and OSPforums. you know the usual. Trying to convince myself to load up the car and go get some. Theres a good system pounding norcal right now and im worried that the wind or storm swell is going mess things up around here so I've convinced myself (just now) that I wont go surfing today. I scored some good ones last weekend so I won't beat myself up about it..It looks rather flat right now despite the 9-11 FT forecast. I'm just hoping that it turns to shit by the end of the day so I can justify my decision.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Surf Art

I didn't know that I was such a talented artist, but when I was cleaning out an old desk I found this drawing circa 2002, when I began surfing. I don't remember drawing this, but I believe it gained the motivation during an 3 hour evening Women's studies class. Listening to her blab on and on for three hours about the various women who made they're journey to the West must have somehow pressured me to access a different region of my brain. Don't ask me why that kook doesn't just walk out to the point, I guess he likes to paddle.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


This photo was taken by me last year in late january. It was the smallest day of the winter that far, so it meant brave the icy roads and get out for a longboard session. We havent had many days like that this year, yet anyway. 26 has been quite the obstacle with ice and snow.

I returned recently from southern california. Rain spoiled 2 of the 4 days i spent there, closing the waters due to high bacteria levels. I managed to get in two days with decent size beach break.