Saturday, December 18, 2010

Its a rough time of the year for surf around these parts. It takes some serious dedication to get out there when its nasty, even if it's to just catch one wave. For that reason I spend most of my time fantasizing about surfing rather than actually doing it (the waves are better). I'm still remembering waves from Kauai, wishing I was there. The winds are shifting easterly, which is awesome for surf, but bad for roads--which you why surf rigs are so important! I'm partial to the 4wd, really. If you can combine some surf with some decent off-road action than you've got something going.

Here are a few of the finest surf rig models for valley (in my opinion):
AWD civic. late 80's early 90s. superb mileage. cheap to find (but rare)

Another favorite is the toyota 4wd van models: If you're very lucky you can score a diesel version of this. Then you've hit the jackpot.

Also on the list is the late 90s model VW passat diesel wagon. Definitely not an off-roader but tops the streetability category. Extra roomy wagon, screw a surf rack just throw your boards inside! Insane gas mileage (upwards of 40-50) and an engine that can last a few hundred thousand miles. Plus the coveted option to go complete veggie oil. You can also snag a jetta tdi for this application.

Of course these are just the best options for a weekend warrior kook such as myself. If you're a local and fuel economy isnt issue go with something like this (although a cruiser can get decent mileage if set up right).