Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Let There be Light

its 926 pm and the sun is still up. It's nicer to watch it go down when I'm in the water but tonight is not one of those nights. Kinda junky out there anyway....maybe tomorrow

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Pump

Prices at the pump are way up. But are they really? 4 bucks a gallon is quite reasonable really. I mean, you get to go a long ways on 4 bucks. I drive a honda, so I get to go about 30 miles away for 4 bucks. Thats a pretty good freakin' deal. I sure as hell wouldn't want to walk that. So before we complain, think about the actual benefits versus the costs. Not just the dollar costs, but the environmental cost (the US is the top producer of greenhouse gases). Its hard to complain about global warming and the cost of gas at the same time. Hypocrisy? A little.... Lets face it, our economy relies on this limited natural resource. keyword being "limited". So im pretty thankful for 4 bucks a gallon. I can get to the coast and surf for ~25 $ in gas. Cheers!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


its been a wet spring. Decent surf with a few lulls, one major lull. I really do enjoy lulls. It gives me the opportunity to ride the GP. Most of these beach breaks work better for loggin it when its tiny. Another positive note is that you get the opportunity to explore beaches that nobody really goes to.

I haven't surfed much at all recently really. Things keep falling on weekends. Things like work, b-day parties, weddings and that crap that really takes away from the already little opportunity I have to surf. The days are getting longer though which makes for more opportunity.

Here's a shot from the "Anything but Three" event....